Artists for Climate Awareness Toolkit

Climate action can be broken down into three simple to-dos– ways you can influence climate change and influence others to act, too. Click each item below to see how.

We can transform climate paralysis into positive action by:

  • providing a good personal example — acting both personally and together
  • showing our concerns via the emotional language of art
  • encouraging everyone to keep talking about climate change

Combining our talents of nonverbal expression with simple climate action advice, we can inspire others to keep the Earth a habitable place.

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You are affecting your planet.

Learn more about how to make your effect positive.

Artists for Climate Awareness Climate Action Postcard Artists for Climate Awareness Climate Action Postcard
4×6″ full bleed 4 1/4 x 5 1/2″ suitable for home printers



The most important tool: Keep talking.

See our GUIDE TO CONVERSATION about climate change.


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