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Ambassadors and artists needed.

Our efforts to sponsor art workshops, shows, and media experiences take a lot of work and ongoing funds. Our Climate Action Toolkit takes research. Join us in these efforts.

We are using art to educate, inspire, and empower people to reverse environmental damage and initiate Earth’s healing. The more artistic voices joining in expressing the collective experience of climate change, the more people will listen and act. We are working in partnership with value-aligned organizations and artists.

Join us and become a supporting member. You can choose from options below.

NEW! Receive an Artists for Climate Awareness MOTHER EARTH tee shirt as our thank-you for a new membership or membership renewal of $35 or more! The design is by artist and author Joe Lee.
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    • Annually or Lifetime: Here are our suggested levels.
      • Friends — $15 Annually  We’ll stay in touch with free workshops, ACA and climate news
      • Students — $15 Annually  We’ll organize student-focused activities and stay in touch regarding opportunities, free workshops, as well as ACA and general climate news.
      • Contributors/ Regular members $35 Annually. This is the most popular option, and is automatic for anyone who registers for a day-long workshop. With your membership, you can get an Artists for Climate Awareness tee shirt plus news, discounted workshops, and enhanced insider participation. You also have the opportunity to publish a page of your artwork on our website!
      • Supporters – $50 and above Annually (All of the above plus extra special thanks.)
      • Patrons – $100 one-time (Become a lifetime member. Get all the above, plus news and enhanced insider participation– plus discounted workshops, 1 per year, forever.)
      • Sustainers –  $10 per month (All of the above plus extra recognition for your contribution. As a Patron/Lifetime member at 10 months, you’ll get unlimited workshop discounts, )

We are a 501(c)(3) organization, so your membership is tax-deductible.