Act Personally

ACT Personally

Person on beach collecting plastic wasteIf everyone chips in by personally changing parts of their lifestyle, we can go a long way toward reducing climate change. Here’s how:

Buy sustainably

▶ Buy sustainable household products: consumer-guides

▶ Reduce your meat and dairy consumption; celebrate the small changes in personal and institutional behavior that result in a significant difference in the world. https://

▶ Increase support of plant-based meat: https://climate-

▶ Buy used or sustainable clothing: https://

Reduce and Reuse Everything

▶ Find out where you can recycle everything: https://

▶ Buy used items of all sorts: tag/5-sites-craiglist-buy-sell-stuff/

▶ Reflect on the “life well lived,” and how it can be lived in a sustainable way: sustainable-living/what-is-sustainable-living/

Live Lightly

▶ Calculate your carbon footprint: https://climate-

▶ Give your home a climate overhaul: https:// climate-overhaul