Embracing Emotions Through Abstract Watercolors

On February 13, 20, and 27, 2024, participants joined in a watercolor workshop that served as a hands-on intersection of art and environmental consciousness, allowing participants to express their emotions and reflections through abstract watercolors. We explored some abstract art techniques while we discussed the the challenges our planet faces and what we can do about it.

In this workshop, we explored the emotional depths inspired by the challenges our planet faces—droughts, fires, storms, oceanic changes, heat impacts, biodiversity damage, and more. Through abstract art, participants could have the opportunity to convey their feelings, fears, and hopes for the future in a visually compelling and evocative manner.

Guiding us through this artistic exploration was Zain Mackey, a seasoned life coach and abstract artist. Zain brought a unique perspective to the workshop, intertwining emotional well-being with artistic expression.

Education: The workshop was offered in partnership with the Center for Sustainable Living. Stephen Hale, board member, provided a short educational piece about the organization’s many projects, and how we can help our home and community to be environmentally friendly.
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The workshop took place at Ivy Tech Bloomington.