Wet Pastel Supply List

Supply List for Avon Waters Wet pastel Workshop

Sunset in wet pastel by Avon Waters

  • Isopropyl 50-70% alcohol; use a container that does not resemble a cup or bottle of water.
  • 8×10 minimum or larger pastel substrates. If using paper, it should be heavy duty enough to not buckle when wetted. Sanded papers, or pastel panels – I use sanded 400 grit U-Art sanded panels.
  • Bring photos of landscapes to paint from, or sketches to paint from
  • Soft pastels of your choice   (New to pastel? See note below about inexpensive sets)
  • Container for water and alcohol medium
  • Rags, and or paper towels
  • Liquitex Clear Gesso, available in-store at Michaels or online via Amazon or other art suppliers
  • ½ inch and 1-inch cheap chip paint brushes from Menards or other stores, cheap synthetic brushes for art students are great – the grit will chew up a brush in a hurry so leave your sable brushes at home.
  • At least one small water color brush or bright bristle brush for details, again, student hobby store CHEAP.

**Note: You can buy inexpensive soft pastels from various craft stores, Amazon, Target, or Michael’s. Get the largest set you can afford – most should sell sets of 48-72 soft pastels for $30-40. Buy soft pastel, not oil pastel. These pastels will do all you want until you discover if you like using the medium.