Supply List for Avon Waters Wet pastel Workshop

Sunset in wet pastel by Avon Waters

Supplies for the workshop:

  • Soft pastels of your choice   (New to pastel? See note below.)
    NOTE to NEW PASTEL ARTISTS—If you do not yet have pastels but want to explore them, You can buy inexpensive soft pastels from various craft stores, Amazon, Target, or Michael’s. Get the largest set you can afford – most should sell sets of 48-72 soft pastels for $30-40. Buy soft pastel, not oil pastel. These pastels will do all you want until you discover if you like using the medium.

Other things to bring:

  • Isopropyl 50-70% alcohol; use a container that does not resemble a cup or bottle of water.
  • 8×10 minimum or larger pastel substrates. If using paper, it should be heavy duty enough to not buckle when wetted. Sanded papers, or pastel panels – I use sanded 400 grit U-Art sanded panels.
  • Bring photos of landscapes to paint from, or sketches to paint from
  • Container for water and alcohol medium
  • Rags, and or paper towels
  • Liquitex Clear Gesso, available in-store at Michaels or online via Amazon or other art suppliers
  • ½ inch and 1-inch cheap chip paint brushes from Menards or other stores, cheap synthetic brushes for art students are great – the grit will chew up a brush in a hurry so leave your sable brushes at home.
  • At least one small water color brush or bright bristle brush for details, again, student hobby store CHEAP.