Supply List for Zain Mackey’s Workshop

What to bring to the “Embracing Emotions Through Abstract Watercolors” workshop:

An old shirt or apron to wear as this can be messy it’s so fun. I’ll be wearing an old shirt of my husband’s that makes me look like I’m 5 years old so bring something equally unfashionable and comfortable.

Weird things:
– An old plastic gift or charge card you may opt to use as a “brush.” (I’ll be demonstrating this technique on day 1).
– Bring sticks, found objects or items you might want to glue to your paintings, and plastic wrap for day 2.

Paint brushes:
– A hake or other brush to wet your paper plus brushes like a #6 and/or #10 round, a #4 or a #6 filbert, etc. When in doubt bring them all and decide later.
– For day 3 you’ll need a 1-1 ½ inch hardware store type brush to apply gesso.

Small water container/pot and a spray bottle for water.

Cold press or Rough 140lb that likes to hold water. Strathmore or Canson is fine.

    • Bring scrap paper to warm up with if you want. You can also use the back of a painting you’ve given up on.
    • If you’re a Hot press or Yupo fan, bring those papers. 
    • Black watercolor paper if you want to get wild on day 3. I’ll bring a few sheets just in case you feel adventurous but you may want to paint several iterations if this excites you.
    • A few sheets of copy paper or drawing paper for our transfer of gesso to our watercolor paper on day 3

Tubes of your favorite watercolor pigments and/or a palette with a variety of colors. I’ll be using and bringing both.
– If you’re painting with a plastic card you’ll need to use colors from tubes.

Other mediums:
You might want to experiment using acrylic inks, granulating fluid, salt, or other mediums to satisfy your emotions or the composition. Not necessary but feel free to use them if they’re calling out to you.
– For Day 3: Black gesso for white paper or white gesso for black paper.

Scissors, a roll of paper towels or rags, reference photos, notebook with pen, pencils, eraser, pallet knife, something for you to drink, and a board/stiff cardboard, and tape. (You’ll want to tape your paper to a board to anchor it (or use a block) as we’ll be turning our creations this way and that.)

Please contact me through if you have any questions about supplies. Looking forward to seeing you!