Supply List for June Workshops in Ceramic and Mixed-media

Supply List for June Workshops in Ceramic and Mixed-media

“Flickering Lights over Nature:”
visual commentaries on the effects of climate change expressed in ceramic and mixed-media

June 10, 11 and June 1718, 10 – 4PM
Ivy Tech ceramic room, 2nd floor
Instructor: Anne Farley Gaines

Supplies for Clay Workshop, Part I: (June 10, 11)

  • a small pail for water
  • a wooden board for storing your clay work while it is drying – 14”x11,” recommended
  • x-acto knife and blades
  • old brushes

Basic supplies already provided in the ceramics studio include:

  • clay
  • wire clay cutter
  • 1 steel scraper
  • clay working tools such as clay needles and loop tools
  • glazes


Supplies for Mixed-Media Workshop, Part II: (June 17, 18)

  • Important for optional mixed media: a substrate to build a composition on, such as MDF board, canvas, or Masonite

Participants may also bring:

  • natural materials such as pine needles, thin stones, small pine cones, birch bark, etc.
  • acrylic paints and/or watercolor paints and palettes for these paints
  • assorted Asian papers (no tissue papers, as they are not archival)
  • acrylic matte medium, gloss medium, and Loctite construction adhesive or Liquid Nails
  • modeling paste
  • pieces of mat board and foam board
  • acrylic paints and/or watercolor and palettes for these paints

Note: The instructor will have many of the mixed-media materials on hand, but students may choose to bring their own. (The instructor would assess attendees between $5 and $20 for her own supplies, depending upon the materials used.)