Painting Nature in Wet Pastel

On March 24 and 25, 2023 in Bloomington, Indiana, Artists for Climate Awareness participants learned how to use soft pastels with various mediums to create works in “wet pastel.”

Activities for the two days were varied. After demonstrating eight different mediums to use with pastels, Avon Waters led the participants as they applied the pastel techniques to their own chosen subjects. On Friday, Ann Connors from Sycamore Land Trust  gave a short talk about what that organization is doing toward environmental stewardship in the Southern Indiana region. On Saturday, Carol Rhodes and Avon led a group discussion about how to talk about climate change and caring for the environment.

In his blog page about the workshop, Avon said,”

“Bloomington has a large watercolor society and to my surprise a lot of the students in this class were watercolorists — they took to these techniques like a duck to water.” 

See the activities and the works — both in-progress and finished — by clicking one of the pictures below and then using the arrows (<  >) at the sides of each page or on your keyboard to advance through the image collection.