From Watching Birds to Sketching and Painting Them

On April 27, 2023, Artists for Climate Awareness members watched sketched, and asked questions as Alex Warnick demonstrated techniques and lessons on how to observe, draw, and paint birds. 

26 participants attended in-person and online. The event was sponsored by a generous grant from Sassafras Audubon. In the 2 ½ hour workshop, Alex’s presentation and demonstration largely focused on artistic technique: how to observe birds, the art of quickly documenting what you see, getting body shapes right, understanding head and wing formations, journaling, and more. In addition to that, Tom Ashcroft of Sassafras Audubon delivered a short presentation on the things SAS is undertaking for bird conservation and activities they are hosting to boost bird appreciation in the community. During the workshop, there were also conversations about being connected to nature, how we can help wild birds, as well as the importance and interconnectivity of birds with the environment.

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