2024 Art Exhibition Prospectus

Depictions: Earth, Life, and Our Shared Responsibility

"Light in the Darkness," painting Jessica Kovan, depicts in collage a bright oncoming train headlight on a track.  painting of Evening Grosbeak and juniper berries
“Evening Grosbeak Vanishing” Carol Rhodes Watercolor 

1. Title of show:

Depictions: Earth, Life, and Our Shared Responsibility

2. Description and theme:

     Artists for Climate Awareness is calling for 2-D and 3-D artwork to be displayed in a gallery exhibition April 4 – 28 at the Arts Alliance Center in the College Mall in Bloomington, IN

      We are proud to be offering this juried exhibition during Earth Month, and we anticipate exceptional patronage during that time. Bloomington is the hot spot for viewing the 2024 total solar eclipse, and we expect a tremendous influx of tourists to be in town, especially around April 8th. (https://www.greatamericaneclipse.com/indiana-2024-eclipse

     We will be coordinating other climate awareness events related to this exhibition, including: a reception featuring environmentally themed new music performed by an IU Jacobs School of Music ensemble; a pastel workshop by nature artist Avon Waters; and a climate-themed poetry and dance performance entitled “Stormwash: Climate Awareness” by Bloomington Writers Guild and Windfall Dancers, Inc.

3. Entry criteria for work (three parts):

a. 40% Thematic content, including two parts:

      • 1. Inspired by nature and/or climate and environmental concerns
        The style can range from aesthetically pleasing, traditional, and representational, to wildly provocative and abstract. The art is intended to be evocative, educational and inspirational. It may even be embedded with written words.
      • 2. Communication Impact: Art+ verbiage (required):
        The exhibition for each piece will include a gallery label, with a 30-to-200 word written statement about the work of art, including size. This statement briefly describes what the work means in the context of climate and environmental messaging, including education about the subject. The art’s relationship to the theme can be symbolic or personal, or it can contain a clear external message.
      • Note: we realize that many artists are not writers, so we have editors who can help to refine your statement prior to judging. To request help, please email art4climate@carolrhodes.net. The artworks are intended to encourage viewers to reflect on their own relationship to the environment and their personal actions to preserve and protect the planet.

b. 40% Merits of art:

    1. Skill and technique; composition; creativity and originality; use of color, form, and space; craftsmanship, and conceptual framework.

c. 20% Sustainability of art supplies

    1. Is the artwork made from materials that are sustainable? Or is the art itself a use of reusable or materials?

4. Prizes, awards and award categories

  • $500 Best of show
  • $300 First Place
  • $100 Second Place

5. Fees for show:

No submission fee, but entrant must be a member of Artists for Climate Awareness or Arts Alliance of Greater Bloomington or both. We will check entries against member lists. If you want to know your status, please email art4climate@carolrhodes.net. Any non-members who submit will be given instructions to join one of these organizations.

6. Commission:

25% to Arts Alliance gallery. Art is encouraged to be for sale, but it is not required.

7. Limitations:

  • Locations: All Artists for Climate Awareness members from all US states are invited to submit their climate- or environment-related artwork.
  • Number of pieces: Up to two pieces may be submitted.
  • Size restrictions: If you plan to submit work that is larger than 4’x4’, please email art4climate@carolrhodes.net
  • Materials: Any 2-and 3-D medium is accepted. We will not be responsible for assembling works in the gallery, and no part should be toxic, allergenic, or spillable (e.g., fragrance, smoke, or open fluids).

8. How work will be viewed by jurors:

Photographic images sent by artist

How to submit photographic images and verbiage:

  • Photographic images should accurately represent work.
  • Up to six photographic images permitted per piece.
  • Format: JPG
  • How to submit:
      1. Rename your files as with the title of the of work and your initials, for example: Bird and Berries CSR .
      2. Click this link: https://carolrhodes.smugmug.com/upload/23BMjc/April2024GalleryShow .
        –Press and drag your file into the box or click Browse Computer and find your file(s) to be uploaded.
        –When the process is complete, you will see a confirmation that says, “Hooray! That’s one happier photo!”
        –Write art4climate@carolrhodes.net  if you encounter trouble or have questions.
      3. Once the file has uploaded, send a written description of how the work is related to the climate or environmental theme to art4climate@carolrhodes.net. (Only 30 words minimum; 200 words max.) This is for the gallery label.
      4. Also, please state the size of the final piece.

9. How accepted work will be received by gallery:

  • By personally delivering work to Arts Alliance Center on March 30, 2024.
  • By shipping (if long-distance) to Carol Rhodes, who will deliver the artwork on behalf of the artist.

Shipping instructions for accepted art (if unable to personally deliver)

  • We recommend standardized art shipping boxes, such as those offered at Airfloat Systems, or working closely with an experienced art shipper such as FedEx
  • Ship to: Carol Rhodes, 1317 E. Fairwood Dr., Bloomington, Indiana 47408 to be received by April 1
  • Return shipping options: a) Mail a check written to Artists for Climate Awareness (above address) or b) send a mailing label with correct postage, or c) PayPalMe to https://paypal.me/art4climate or via Zelle —
    Please contact art4climate@carolrhodes.net with questions.

10. Calendar:

  • Deadline for electronic submission: March 18 (EXTENDED!)
  • Judging: March 19-23
  • Decision/ notification to artists: March 24-25
  • Out-of-area works received: by April 1 (Shipping instructions above)
  • Hanging-take-in at Arts Alliance Center: 11 am to 3 pm, March 30
  • Art hung: by close of business April 3
  • Reception: Friday, April 12 with ensemble performance
  • Workshop at Arts Alliance: April 13; artist Avon Waters
  • Pickup by artists: May 2
  • Shipping back to artist (if needed): April 29-30

11. Insurance coverage:

If shipping, you should insure your artwork for shipping damage

Artists for Climate Awareness and Arts Alliance Center are insured for liability damage.

12. Photography release:

By entering the show, you agree to give the sponsors permission to photograph the work, or use the artist’s photo in a catalog or in marketing the exhibition.

13. Contact for questions or concerns:

Carol Rhodes, at art4climate@carolrhodes.net