Out By Tybee acrylic

(revised 02/24/22)

What we plan: 

By affecting an ever-growing network of artists and their affiliates, we aim to increase activism and communication about climate change through the language of art. 

(a) Mission 

We use art to educate, inspire, and empower people to act promptly, both personally and communally, to reverse environmental destruction and initiate the Earth’s healing.

The business plan:

Phase 1:

We organize art workshops facilitated by painting instructors, mostly in the Midwest. We plan to partner with value-aligned public organizations as we recruit facilities for and facilitators of these events. Instructors must be partners in the climate effort. Instructors would be paid according to their professional expectations. 

The workshops are to be built around the theme, “Climate Destruction: What Do You See and Value, and What Do or Will You Miss?” During these workshops, participants express their own feelings in the language of art, learn how to communicate with others about climate and nature, and develop a personal action plan. The targeted time frame for the first few of these events would be no sooner than July and not later than November of 2022. COVID conditions may alter this timetable somewhat. Online or in-person venues will be determined by conditions and technological comfort of the instructor.

Phase 2:

From these initial workshops, we are planning to organize exhibits of the 100 pieces that were created. The traveling shows would be virtual and, if possible, near the sites of the workshops so participants can be active in the events and generate some local enthusiasm for the shows and the cause. Civic centers or nonprofit arts centers would be the preferred physical venues.

Phase 3:

From that effort, we then intend to organize a juried invitational show that will encourage acclaimed artists to participate. This would be in the form of a call for “big name” artists to show.

Phase 4:

The cycle will finally culminate in a global campaign that may feature murals and media sponsorship using the generated art. Collaboration with civic and and arts organizations are preferred. Private sponsors may host public displays up to the limit allowed.

Important: At each of these touch-points, we will give people a Climate Action Toolkit with information that ranges in effort according to people’s comfort levels. They can choose from small and private activism to more vigorous and forceful activities. In phase 4 (the media blitz), each media item will contain one action “nugget.”

One full cycle is expected to take 12-18 months. Given success in those efforts, we plan to repeat the cycle. We also envision getting K-12 teachers to emulate this process. 


Initially we will make ourselves and our mission known via our networks, social media, and a website. Workshops can successfully be advertised through these channels. In phase 4 (and also perhaps phase 3), visibility will come from sponsorships of murals and public art displays (see next point). 

How we will be funded:

  • During Phase 1, events are to be funded by workshop and membership fees. These fees will provide the bulk of the funds moving forward.
  • In Phase 2 and 3, we will ask for sponsorship to help fund the facilities and the receptions. These sponsorships will be seen as support for the cause and as advertising for the donors as permitted in a nonprofit environment. 
  • In Phase 4, sponsors will be able to put their name on a public service piece. Because these pieces will be brief, we will direct viewers to our activist resources. 
  • In all phases, we will solicit “friends” of the organization to sign on at various membership levels. As perks, members may receive small discounts on workshops, have a forum to submit ideas, receive newsletters and communications, and receive recognition for their sponsorship levels. 

Who we are: 

— Carol Carter is an internationally recognized artist and instructor. She has extensive experience in setting up and facilitating art workshops and shows.

— Carol Rhodes has experience coordinating all aspects of art workshops and some knowledge of show protocol. She was a longtime board member of Pets Alive of Southern Indiana. In 2012 she organized a national conference with SIGUCCS, a professional organization related to her work at IU. She is a founding and ongoing board member of Bloomington Watercolor Society and an art Instructor for Ivy Tech Center for Lifelong Learning. She is also a member of the Watercolor Society of Indiana, and is showing her work at the Viridian Moon Gallery in Bloomington, IN.