Patricia Rowbottom

Pat lived in New York City for many years, working full time as a paralegal and attending the Art Students League on nights and weekends. Pat works mostly in oil and charcoal. At the ASL, Pat served as the class monitor for “Drawing to Painting” as well as for the “Sunday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art”. 

In May 2020, at the height of the first surge of the Covid Pandemic hitting New York City, Pat moved to Bloomington, IN  to live near her daughter and granddaughter. Pat has been involved in social justice movements for much of her life and believes artists have a vital duty to contribute to society through their art.

“As artists facing the reality of climate change, which impacts marginalized peoples throughout the world and in our own communities, the time is now for an organization such as ours to act locally and connect internationally to save the beauty of the world we so love to paint.”