Supplies for Pollinators Workshop

Watercolor painting of bird and moth

Students are welcome to incorporate their own material preferences. Students must bring their own supplies including WC paper, WC paints, Brushes, Hard pencil, kneaded eraser, sharpener, small ruler, paper towels, mixing palettes, mixing pans (can be from recycled yogurt containers) and 2 small water holders.  The following list is based on MarySue’s own painting approach, and are SUGGESTIONS, not requirements. 


  • PAPER: The most important element. MarySue recommends Arches paper in block or sheet formats. Block, 140 pound, Cold Press, 9×12 or 10 x14 or 11×14. Sheets can be divided into 2-4 smaller sheets.
  • PAINTS: MarySue recommends a limited palette, ten Winsor Newton Professional grade colors: 6 warm colors: Windsor Red, Windsor Yellow, Burnt Siena, and Raw Siena, Permanent Rose and Windsor Violet. 4 cool colors: Windsor Blue Green Shade, Windsor Blue Red Shade, Hooker’s Green, and Payne’s Grey.
  • BRUSHES: Do not spend a fortune on brushes. Windsor Newton has an inexpensive line. Sizes: 1” and ½”flat; #4 or #6 round; Detail #2 round.
  • ACCESSORIES: Mixing palette, paper towels, water container, etc. — your favorite supplies
  • OTHER ITEMS: hHrd pencil, kneaded eraser, BLEEDPROOF PEN size: 0.5 (I like the Winsor Newton) A Thin Sharpie is okay.
  • PHOTO REFERENCES: Picture(s) you would like to paint. 
  • PENCIL AND SKETCH PAPER: for simple exercises

Supplies can be ordered from several art Suppliers including Dick Blick and Jerrys Artarama.